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About Me

Rianna Croxford is an award-winning Investigations Correspondent for BBC News. Based in London, she specialises in uncovering abuses of power, corruption, and social injustices.


Her stories include revealing allegations of ministerial bullying in the British government, the misuse of non-disclosure agreements on university students, and a series about underage use of the explicit social media site OnlyFans.

She also investigates, presents, and produces podcasts and documentaries, including for BBC Panorama. Her recent multi-part-series, “World of Secrets: The Abercrombie Guys,”and documentary, “The Abercrombie Guys: The Dark Side of Cool,” has led to a criminal investigation and a lawsuit alleging sex trafficking against fashion giant Abercrombie & Fitch and its former CEO.

Rianna is a British Journalism Award winner, Forbes 30 under 30 media honouree, and a Royal Television Award and Orwell Prize finalist. She previously worked as the BBC’s Community Affairs Correspondent, leading coverage of the UK's diverse population, and as a correspondent in Washington reporting on breaking news across America. 

Alongside her work, Rianna is an ambassador for the Journalists’ Charity, which provides advice, crisis support and financial assistance to those in the industry, as well as the Journalism Diversity Fund, which awards training bursaries to people from diverse backgrounds.

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